Introductory 20-minute video call – Free

The aim of this call is to discuss your needs and goals in counselling, as well as making sure we are a good fit.

Online/In person 50-minute session - £50

Regular session for short and long term counselling last 50 minutes and usually takes place at the same time weekly or forthnightly.

I have some availability for reduced rate sessions for people on low income.


Your comfort is key during sessions. I encourage you to fidget or engage in any movements (stimming) that help you focus or express yourself. There's no right or wrong way to sit or move – what matters most is finding a position that allows you to be present and engaged in the sessions.

We can also discuss any additional steps we can take to ensure you feel safe and comfortable.

Working Online

Online counselling offers the same benefits as in-person sessions, and is a matter of preference or accessibility. If you prefer meeting online, there are some things to consider.

You will need a good internet connection and suitable equipment (laptop, phone, or a tablet) to join a video meeting.

To ensure a productive and confidential online therapy session, it is helpful to have a private space where you can feel comfortable. This could be a quiet room where you can:

  • Minimize distractions: Close the door to reduce noise and interruptions.

  • Focus on yourself: Silence your phone and other notifications for the duration of the session.

  • Let others know: If possible, inform anyone else in your household that you will be unavailable during the session.

If you have vulnerable members in your household who require care, please ensure they have adequate supervision during our session.

This will allow you to speak freely and openly without worry of interruption and focus entirely on your needs and goals for therapy.

Please feel free to discuss any concerns about maintaining privacy during your session with me beforehand.

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